Welcome to the Parishes of St Blaise & St Matthew, Bradford

St Blaise

While the parish is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Bradford, the parish church is commonly known as St William’s. The present-day parish came into being in 2006 with the reorganisation of pastoral provision in the city and now incorporates the former parish at Thornton. A school chapel was opened in the Brownroyd area of Bradford in 1882 and the parish was created in 1909. 

The present church on Ingleby Road, dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes and St William dates from 1926 and was designed by Edward Simpson. It was consecrated in 1952 and the interior was re-ordered in 1971. 

In 2014 a major renovation of the church was undertaken by Overton Architects, which saw the installation of the altar and reredos from the recently closed church of The Sacred Heart, Thornton.  At the same time, the statue of St. William, which had been placed in the school hall for many years, was returned to the churches.

St Matthew’s

Allerton, originally a hill village on the western edge of Bradford, expanded in the post-war years when a large residential estate was built by the local authority, partly to re-house people displaced by inner city slum clearance.

Mass was first said in the school hall in 1957; the parish was created in 1959 with Fr Hadfield the first Parish Priest. In 1966, the parish purchased a former Baptist church on the main road in Allerton; built in 1872, it was adapted from designs by Hadfield Cawkwell Davison. This building closed in 1980 when the parish moved to the present building.

Masses suspended and all Catholic churches closed across Britain

In compliance with government instructions as from 23rd March 2020, Bishop Marcus has, with sadness, asked that our church buildings be closed with immediate effect until further notice. Fr Michael will continue to say Mass in private, praying particularly for the needs of the Parish and all affected by the situation we find ourselves in.

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Leeds Cathedral is live-streaming Mass and Devotions EVERY DAY via its new YouTube Channel, Leeds Cathedral Live: www.leedscathedrallive.org.uk

SUNDAY MASS is at 11am

WEEKDAY MASSES are usually at 10.30am and the Angelus and Rosary will be prayed at 12.00noon, Monday to Thursday and on Saturday. From Easter Monday 13 April, the anthem Regina Caeli will replace the Angelus at 12.00noon.

The Prayer to make a Spiritual Communion may be downloaded here.